Sold From: All Year Round

Medium Blade, Shade Tolerant, Needs 5 - 6 Hours of Sun

Sold in big rolls (30”x100’) = 250sqft and in pallets = 450sqft

Tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea) is a heat tolerant cool season grass. It has been traditionally used as a forage and turfgrass in the transition zone of the United States. This is an area where neither Kentucky bluegrass or bermudagrass survive adequately due to short growing seasons and/or extended heat and cold weather. The transition zone is an area which starts in Maryland, down to the middle of Georgia, and goes west to Kansas and north to central Nebraska.Over 60 cultivars have been released for sale in the turf industry. Many lawns in the midwest, southern to mid-california and the mid-southern U.S. have tall fescue lawns.

    Dark green color, with a medium texture.
    Tolerant of moderately moist soils. Keep away from standing water.
    Thrives in the shade.
    Best for cool temperatures, and in such climates will provide an attractive year-round green lawn.
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