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Thin-Medium Blade, Shade Tolerant, Needs 5 - 6 Hours of Sun

Coming Summer 2024

Zoysiagrass (Zoysia species) was introduced into the United States from Asia and grows best during the warm (80 to 95 °F) months of spring, summer and early fall. They grow vigorously during this time and produce a dense, attractive lawn. Zoysiagrass will turn brown with the first fall frost and remain dormant during the winter. Its cultivars are adapted to the entire state and are some of the most cold-tolerant of the warm-season grasses. These grasses form an excellent turf when properly established and managed. There are several species and cultivars of zoysiagrass available that can be used in differing aspects of the landscape.

    Slow growth means less mowing for you.
    Its dense growth provides resistance to weed invasion.
    Requires little watering and is drought resistant.
    Thrives in a variety of climates.
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